Reverte has been used for many years in a wide range of applications, listed below is just a small example of where Reverte has been successfully utilised and how it has improved the product offering.

  • Carrier bags or "shopper-bags" which consumers use to take away their purchases from the shop

  • Refuse sacks, which consumers buy in rolls at the shop, and use for disposal of their ordinary household waste

  • Aprons, for the protection of garments, in the home, hospitals, restaurants, workshops etc.

  • Bags to contain dog feces collected in parks, gardens, etc.

  • Bin liners

  • Mulch films

  • Gloves

  • Plastic sheeting for a variety of applications in agriculture and horticulture.

  • Plastic film for wrapping newspapers and magazines

  • Bread bags

  • Frozen food bags

  • Wrappers for cigarette packets

  • Shrink-wrap and pallet-wrap

  • "Bubble-wrap"

  • Rigid products such as bottles and cups

Read more about some of our primary applications:

Shopping & Checkout Bags

The use of Reverte has complimented many supermarkets who are aware of the drive to be more environmentally conscientious, while providing their customers with what they need. More

Plastic Bottles and Cups

The use of PET to form drinks bottles is one of the most abundant and visible applications of plastic material in the world. Reverte provides an oxo-biodegradable property to such bottles when the masterbatch (additive concentrate) is added to the material at the pre-form manufacturing stage. More

Film Mulch

Incorporation of Reverte into an agricultural mulch film provides many benefits. More


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