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At NuVia Technologies, we are about improving your competitive advantage through superior, cost-effective, solutions

Most companies have one thing in common - they want or need to improve in some manner.  Whether it be increasing sales or profits, expanding in some way, or improving their ability to better meet customer demands or other company goals, most companies are constantly seeking ways to improve their performance and competitive advantage. This can be especially challenging in today's global regulatory and economic environment, with the growing emphasis on sustainability and minimizing a company's carbon footprint and costs. 

At NuVia Technologies, we take this challenge seriously, not only in our own operations, but in our mission to help other companies do the same.  As a chemical additive company, we strive to develop and market products aimed at improving product quality and aesthetics, and protecting products, components and equipment, all while keeping costs as low as possible and the environment as clean and healthy as possible.  At NuVia, we're all about helping our customers better meet regulatory and marketing demands and in doing so, improve their competitive advantage.

Our current and expanding product line covers products and applications that deal with produce, industrial and consumer products.  Many are innovative and unique and all provide cost-effective solutions to problems faced by many businesses. Our current product applications include:

  • Enhancing the freshness and shelf life of produce
  • Purging and cleaning processing equipment
  • Enhancing plant growth and yield

We are extremely proud of our mission and ability to help companies improve their marketing and operations by developing superior cost-effective solutions.  We look forward to serving you and developing and marketing new products and solutions aimed at improving your company's performance.  Please stay tuned to this website for ways we can serve your company and information about our current and new initiatives.

Roger McLelland, President

Ken Griffith, CEO/Chairman

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